ABOUT US: Our Story


Our Mission

The purpose of the Greater Lawrence Young Professionals Network is to attract, retain, and engage young professionals in the Greater Lawrence area. By building and maintaining a wide support network of local young professionals, GLYPN works to empower and engage young professionals in a way that would ultimately improve the overall quality of life in the Greater Lawrence Area. We foster this vision by providing professional enrichment and community involvement opportunities while also hosting and promoting social/professional networking and local recreational
opportunities for young professionals.

Our Goals
1. Build and maintain a consistent connection with a wide support representing a variety of fields.
2. Provide enrichment opportunities for YP's through networking and professional development offerings.
3. Engage young professionals in community improvement and empowerment efforts.
4. Aid in the development and promotion of business in the Greater Lawrence area.
5. Provide mentoring for youth of the Greater Lawrence area.

Our History
The Greater Lawrence Young Professionals Network began in early 2010 when a small group of college graduates returned to the Greater Lawrence area and began to notice a relative lack of social/professional networking, enrichment, and community engagement opportunities targeting local young professionals. Another concern was the relative lack of young professionals involved in community operations and initiatives.

The founding members decided that a group of dedicated young professionals should organize to design and provide programming which would encourage local young professionals to create, discover, and utilize the resources of the Greater Lawrence area for professional enrichment, recreation and community engagement.

By stimulating local pride, social consciousness, and understanding of the overall impact that young professional s can create in the region, GLYPN hopes to empower local young professionals to take more ownership of their surrounding communities as they work to enrich their lives.

Since early 2010 the Greater Lawrence Young Professionals Networking has been recruiting and organizing Young Professionals to socially and professionally network, aid in job acquisition efforts, support local business, support and train local youth, and apply their time and skills to benefit of the community.